10 Fascinating Questions About You To Ask Your Mom (For Adults)

Forward the link for this post to your Mom and ask her to answer.

People tend to have more positive and stable close relationships when they know detailed answers to the kinds of questions below.

1. Tell me the story of my delivery? What time of day was I born etc?

2. Do you remember when you found out you were pregnant? Who did you tell first?

3. Do you remember any details like my first word or when you first felt me kick?

4. Do you remember any nicknames I had as a kid that I might have forgotten?

5. Did I ever get lost as a child? Where? What did you do?

6. Did I have any separation anxiety as a kid? Like when I went to school?

7. What were my passions when I was a child? Things I might not remember?

8. What were some of the times you were most proud of me when I was a child?

9. What kinds of parenting advice of the day/times influenced your parenting?

10. For people who have older siblings: How did my siblings react to me when I was born?
For people who have younger siblings: How did I react to the birth of my siblings?
For people who have no siblings, you get to take this question off 🙂