10 Relationship Questions to Better Understand Your Partner

These relationship questions will help you better understand

– why they do what they do
– why they get angry
– how to talk to them
– how to please them

1. When you get home from work and your willpower has been drained by making decisions all day, what do you most need? (or an equivalent question based on your personal circumstances)

2. If we need to talk about something difficult, when in the week is the best time to do it?

3. When you want to get my attention and you don’t think I’m listening, what do you do?

4. Do you know that you’re important to me? What can I do that helps you feel like you’re important to me?

5. Are there any times you feel lonely, left out or like I’m not reachable emotionally?

6. How should I know when you need a long hug? What are the signs?

7. When you get angry, are you feeling anything underneath the anger, even if the anger is the strongest emotion? (Multi-choice: Shame/Embarrassment/Guilt, Anxiety/Worry, Lonely, Sad, Exhausted)

8. What ways do you like to repair our bond after we’ve had an argument?

9. What are your favorite ways to have fun as a couple? (Small things as well as activities)

10. When I want to please you, what should I do that I will find easy?

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