100 Fun Things to Do When You're Bored or Depressed

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As problems gets bigger, often the rest of life seems to shrink.

When people have a lot of stress – their time, energy, and thoughts often get consumed by those problems. As people spend more time and energy thinking about their problems, they spend less time and energy pursuing their interests.

What are your unique interests? The things that give you pleasure?

To have positive mood, it’s important to do activities that give you a sense of pleasure (as well as activities that give you a sense of accomplishment).

It’s common for people to struggle to think of fun things to do when they’re bored and depressed. So, I’ve made a big list. The goal is to stimulate your own thinking about pleasure activities you’d like to do more of.

You can purchase the list for $4.99 (This price is in USD, you’ll be able to pay in your own currency when you click through to the purchase page).

Buy Now (the list will be delivered to you by email as a pdf).

Intended for individuals or for therapists to use when doing CBT/behavioral activation with clients.

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