5 Minute Mindfulness Exercise for Reducing Stress and Rumination / Intrusive Thoughts.

This is 5 min mindfulness exercise for reducing stress that’s a favorite amongst my therapy clients. It’s especially good for people who pay too much attention to their internal sensations (for example, people with panic attacks or health anxiety), but people who are suffering from stress or depression or body image anxiety usually find it helpful too.

It’s from a book so I can’t copy it directly but I can show you an easy way to read it (free)

1. Go to this link Mind and Emotions: A Universal Treatment for Emotional Disorders (New Harbinger Self-Help Workbook). If you’re not auto logged in, log in to your Amazon account (you’ll need to log in to be able to do this).

2. Click the link that says “Search Inside This Book” (It’s under the big picture of the cover on the left hand side).

4. A window will pop up. In the new window there is a search box. Type “Inner-Outer”

5. You will be taken to an exercise called “The Inner Outer Shuttle” on page 49 of the book.

6. Read and enjoy. The Five Senses Exercise that is on the same page is also good.