7 Questions to Ask Your Partner to Assess the Health of Your Relationship: Relationships Quiz

Ask your partner to answer True/False to this relationships quiz. It’s their perception that’s important rather than your view of whether their answer is justified. Yes you do want to know what they really think!

1. Do you know you’re important to me?

2. Do you feel like you can take emotional risks with me?

3. Do you ever feel like we shut each other out emotionally? When?

4. Do you have a sense of being able to easily get my attention when you need to?

5. When we argue, do you still have a sense that your thoughts and feelings are important to me?

6. When we’re apart (e.g., at work), do you have a sense that I’m in your corner even though we’re not physically together?

7. Do you have a sense that you’re growing as a person in a positive way due to our relationship?

Don’t panic if you have some Falses.

Don’t panic if you get some falses. The info you get from the answers gives you a clear direction of what specifically needs to be worked on for you both to flourish in your relationship. And, the research suggests these areas of relationships can be worked on successfully.

An easy way to start would be to try this couples project.