Humor Boost!

Dr Alice's Humor Boost. Three Week Project.
100% Money Back Guarantee.


   How It Works.
  You'll get an email once a day with a small task to do for three weeks, excluding weekends (so that you can use weekends to catch up anything you missed, 15 emails in total).
   Immerse yourself in humor for the period of the project.
  Understand your personal sense of humor more intimately.
Note that the project isn't about joke telling, it's about increasing your experience of humor in your life. The project combines positive psychology, mindfulness, and a little bit of Cognitive-Behavioral Psychology.
   Increasing positive emotions has tremendous benefits for your emotional health, physical health and relationships. In order to flourish, research has shown that people need to experience at least three positive emotions for every one negative emotion they experience.
   There are many studies showing that humor is correlated with satisfaction with life. People who report humor as a strength, report more satisfaction.
   Increasing humor in your life will help you cope with stress.
Yes, I really did say 100% money back guarantee.

If you complete the series and think it sucks, you can get your money back. What are you waiting for?
   Buy Now for $9.99 USD with No Risk.

Best Regards,
    Dr Alice Boyes
    Registered Clinical Psychologist



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