A New Year Spring Clean

Published On January 3, 2014 | By alice | Uncategorized

I’m a firm believer that decluttering your life helps declutter your mind.

One of my favorite things to do in the New Year is cancel a bunch of stuff that I’ve tried out but don’t need to keep.

Here are a few things I’ve cancelled.

– I consolidated my web hosting and cancelled one of the packages. Saving $25 a month.

– I had two backup solutions. Since I’ve moved to the paid version of Dropbox, I’ve cancelled the other one. Saving $5-6/month.

– My buffer subscription. I like to use different profiles in Chrome to manage different accounts, and this means I only need to free version of buffer. Saving $10/month.

That’s all pretty minimal but saving $40 a month isn’t bad!


– Check your credit card to look for any recurring payments that aren’t bringing anything awesome into your life.

– Boost your motivation to do this by thinking about what you want to use the extra money for. Money is just numbers, whereas it’s more motivating to think “I can give up this thing I’m not using and have the money for ….” e.g., hiring a cleaner.

Email me

If you cancel something as a result of reading this post, email me. If you’re getting this via your free email subscription, just hit reply. Otherwise just use admin(at)aliceboyes.com. I’ll personally read your email but I won’t likely respond.

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