A, B, and C Tasks

This simple tip comes from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Adults with ADHD, but can be used by anyone.

Here’s how.

Assign a letter to each of the tasks on your to do list.

A = Highest priority. HAS to be done in the short term (e.g. next day or two)

B = Medium priority. Portions of the task should be done in the short term, but some components may take longer.

C = Lowest priority. May be attractive or easier to do but not as important as A or B tasks.

Take care not to assign too many task as “A” rating.

Do all the “A” tasks before any of the other tasks.

I like to try out the different types of CBT skills that I work on with clients, and I’ve been trying this over the last few weeks.

One option for people who don’t have ADHD would be to experiment with this technique, and have it in your toolkit for when you sense avoidance creeping in or you’re feeling overwhelmed, rather than using all the time.