Behavioural Experiment for Binge eating

Here’s a therapy technique I use with clients that you can try yourself.

People who binge eat tend to expect that once they have a strong urge to binge that the urge will stay stuck on strong, making binging uncontrollable and inevitable once the urge has reached a crescendo.

My last post was all about experiencing the rapid turnover of your thoughts, feelings, sensations, impulses etc. The point being that even if you wanted to hang onto a thought, sensation etc you typically can’t.

Behavioural Experiment

1. Try is when you’re not physiologically over-hungry (e.g. you ate less than 3 hours ago). Set up a stopwatch to time for 3 minutes. You can use this free online stopwatch if you want.

It’ll ring when the time is up so you don’t need to clock watch.

2. Try summoning up the urge to binge as strongly as you can.

3. When you’ve got it strong, try to hold onto it at maximum strength for the 3 minutes.

What did you experience?