Cognitive Behavioural Therapy/CBT Self Help Materials

This post is for people who read or subscribe to my blog who might not have read all of the rest of my website (the blog is only part of the overall site – it’s the relatively informal part).

The links below are likely to be extremely useful for understanding and overcoming specific types of psychological problems that I see commonly in my practice (things like Depression, Panic Attacks, Excessive Worry, Agoraphobia, Social Anxiety and Social Phobia, Eating Disorders etc.). The information is based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), which is the main type of treatment I use for these types of problems.

I use CBT because it has lots of scientific studies supporting its effectiveness as a treatment for the kinds of problems indicated below. There are some other types of therapy that also have scientific support for particular problems but many types of “counselling” or “psychotherapy” don’t have the same scientific basis. Anyone thinking about therapy or counselling needs to understand that different types exist. As a psychology PhD, it’s really troubling to me that there is generally so little public awareness that some types of therapy have been scientifically studied and others haven’t. A big part of the job of a clinical psychology PhD is to keep up to date with what the studies say are the best treatments for particular problems and then offer those treatments to our clients.

I recommend working with a psychology PhD rather than attempting to overcome these difficult problems alone (even working with a psychology PhD it will still require hard work on your part!), but these materials provide great information to help you better understand your problems and the CBT treatment approach, and get you started on the process of feeling better.

Longer CBT Workbooks
CBT for Depression

Coping with Panic Attacks

Mastering Your Worries (Generalized Anxiety Disorder)

Others (Including Bipolar Disorder, Social Anxiety, Assertiveness, Perfectionism and Disordered Eating)

Shorter CBT HandoutsCauses and Treatment of Depression

Generalized Anxiety and Mindfulness

Causes and Treatment of Panic Attacks

Problem Solving

Others (Including Sleep, Unhelpful Thinking Styles, Social Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder and More)

Some more links – particularly aimed at GPs but potentially useful for others