Cognitive Biases and Interpersonal Relationships: Part 2

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Let’s say again:

Mary notices herself feeling irritated when her brother in law gives her advice about how to do something she already knows how to do.

BUT, this time…

She thinks: What a jackass!! He is so arrogant.

Cognitive Therapy Technique: Identifying “Disconfirming Evidence”

Mary asks herself: What’s the evidence that my brother-in-law Dan is NOT in fact a jackass?

(she looks for evidence disconfirming the belief that is causing her to feel irritated)

She answers:

He’s a faithful husband
He loves his children
He works hard at his business.

She feels: Less irritated.

She writes down the “Balanced thought'”: Dan can be arrogant sometimes but he’s not a jackass.

She acts: Nicer to Dan.