Date night

When people are experiencing a problem like depression, anxiety or stress, they often fall out of the habit of tending to their relationship.

If you and your partner are out of the habit of going out together, start a new date night habit.

Since behaving differently leads to changes in thoughts and feelings, if you behave “as if” you feel close to your partner you’re likely to start feeling closer to your partner.

Likewise, if you behave as if you’re motivated to spend enjoyable time with your partner, you’re likely to start feeling more motivated to spend time together.

If you have children, consider arranging regular babysitting e.g. a babysitter who comes every Saturday night.

If weekly is too much, you could start with fortnightly date night.

A regular date night will force you to think of things you could do for date night.

This tip is especially applicable in winter when its easy to stay at home rather than go out in the cold.

Date night doesn’t need to be complicated. You could go to a movie or go to a cafe for a hot chocolate.