Low Self Esteem Test – Take the Rosenberg Low Self Esteem Test Free Online

The low self esteem test that is most widely used by researchers is the Rosenberg Low Self Esteem Test. Take Rosenberg Self Esteem Inventory free.

The low self esteem test will auto score for you. If you score 15-25 this suggests you are in the normal self esteem range. If you score below 15, this suggests low self-esteem.

Why I Suggest You DON’T Take The Low Self Esteem Test

As an alternative to taking the low self esteem test, I suggest you take this self-compassion test. Self compassion matters more for optimal outcomes (like being happy and successful) than self-esteem does. People with self compassion are more able to persist with important goals when they experience setbacks and are less defensive. For example, you can learn how to have a sense of self worth even when you are not “better than average” at everything important, all the time.

Another reason you should probably be more interested in self compassion than self esteem is because programs to increase self esteem have generally been spectacular failures. However, programs to increase self compassion are showing promise. You can successfully increase your self compassion if you are low in self-compassion, but psychology PhDs have generally not found good ways to improve low self esteem.

See my Top Book Choices for Improving Your Feelings of Self-Worth

If you’re interested in feeling better about yourself, here are my top 3 book recommendations, aside from my own book, The Anxiety Toolkit.

Best Choice: Emotional First Aid, by Dr Guy Winch

Other Options: The Happiness Trap by Dr Russ Harris

Self Compassion by Dr Kristin Neff