CrowdSourcing Project: Mood Boosting Activities

Now that is this blog is starting to have a nice, wee community of readers (through the subscriptions and the Facebook page), I thought I’d experiment with doing a community project.

Pleasure and sense of accomplishment / mastery are key components of positive mood.

I thought it might be helpful to crowdsource a list of readers’ favorite pleasure and mastery activities.

When someone’s mood is low, or their anxiety is high, they often find it hard to think of appealing, doable options for pleasure and mastery/accomplishment activities. [This is related to reduced flexbility of thinking in the presence of high negative emotions. We’re wired so that when we’re feeling negative emotions we tend to focus on potential threat cues, and our brains make it hard for us to shift our attention away to other thoughts. This is a generally adaptive mechanism but sometimes goes into overdrive in unhelpful ways].

I’ve set up a publicly editable document, so anyone can go and add their favorite activities to the list.


No log in is required to view or edit.

If you’re privacy conscious and have a Google account for gmail etc, log out of your Google account before viewing the document. Otherwise, your Google username may show up as currently viewing the document or in the revision history list of edits.

Here’s the link

Go Here for – Dr Alice Boyes’ Community Project. Mood Boosting Activities.

Since this is a new thing I’m trying, let me know if you encounter any problems
admin (at) aliceboyes (dot) com

I’ve started off the lists with a few examples.


At this point, I’m not planning of curating or moderating what people write.
And, the usual legal disclaimer that I can’t provide personal advice, and none of my blogging or social networking activities constitutes the establishment of a psychology PhD-client relationship between you and I.