Preventing Burnout: Do You Recognize The Early Warning Signs That You're Not Taking Care Of Yourself?

I’m going to give you some ideas, but your task is to come up with a list of 4-6 of your own early warning signs that you’re not taking good enough care of yourself.

Hint: Try to make your early warning signs as objective as possible – meaning it would be impossible to dispute whether it had occurred. That way you’re less likely to let stuff slide for too long.

This is my list.

– baking and accidentally leaving out ingredients.
– pain in my wrists from the computer.
– not putting client payments into my spreadsheet at the end of the day. Putting it off till the next day when it only takes a minute.
– leaving it too long between times getting my hair colored.
– almost running out of petrol rather than keeping my tank at least half full like I usually do.

What I do when I notice this stuff

It’s all pretty basic. For example,
– I try to read some fiction rather than non fiction.
– I take a short break from learning new things and doing extra work like writing blog posts or website maintenance.
– I catch up on sleep.
– I do some physical maintenance.
– I’m pretty good at doing this already but I make sure I chill out when I have a few spare minutes at work rather than squeezing in a little bit of reading or small jobs. I take extra care to finish appointments on time so I can have a few minutes between clients to reset my brain.

Simple strategies like these can help prevent burnout.

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