Invitation: Public Talks for Community Groups

Hi readers:

Now that most people are back at work for 2010 in New Zealand, I’m planning my schedule for the year.

If you belong to a community group (e.g. Rotary Club, Lions Club) and would like me to speak to your group, then now would be a good time to ask me.

The talk I typically offer to do is my “The Psychology of Happiness” talk. Its aimed at providing practical tips for anyone who wants to be happier (i.e. is NOT focused on problems like depression or anxiety disorders). I wrote a cover article on The Psychology of Happiness for Mindfood magazine last year. It’s an hour length talk.

I typically offer to talk to large community groups for free, but charge for corporate speaking and to speak to groups that typically pay speakers (e.g. groups who want me to speak as part of training days).

So if you would like to meet me in person and belong to a community group that has regular guest speakers, don’t be shy – ask!

Thanks for reading, Alice.