New Month, New 30 Day Project…..

…..30 Days of Putting Away 1 Item Each Day (i.e. a tidying project).

Think of this as a “gateway” project – an easy 30-Day Project like this one is an awesome way to get the confidence to try other 30-Day Projects. And then the sky’s the limit. After doing a few different 30 Day Projects, I now have an amazing sense of freedom that I could pick any 30 day project and have confidence in my ability to stick with it. You can have that confidence in yourself too.

As I have written many times – changing behaviour causes changes in thoughts and feelings. If you want to feel confident in your ability to make changes in your life, the best way to get that confidence is to give yourself a success experience of making changes. This simple 30 day project is an ideal way to build that confidence.


I don’t think my status updates for this project will warrant blog posts, so I’m just going to post my daily status updates on Facebook. I’ll update which out of place item I put away, and you can reply with what you did.

I’ve also been doing some fun questions and gratitude examples over on Facebook.

The page is becoming a nice little community for sharing positive emotions. A big thanks to the contributors who are making it that way 🙂

(And, ya’ll “observers” I appreciate you too :-))

Who’s in?