Showing Sides of Yourself You've Been Keeping Hidden From the World

Something I’ve learned as a therapist is that people keep a heck of a lot of their best qualities hidden inside rather than expressing those qualities so other people can see them.

Because people are often willing to be far more open in therapy than in life, I typically get to see far more of what makes a particular person awesome than the people in their life ever get to see.

Today’s DIY Psychological Challenge

Identify a characteristic that you have lurking inside but don’t express much

For example

– you’re more fun that you let people see
– you’re more romantic than you let people see
– you have more of a sense of humor than you let people see

Express the characteristic you have lurking in one way that you wouldn’t normally e.g. attempt to tell a joke or funny story in the staff room over lunch.

If the thought of expressing your lurking characteristic *scares the crap out of you* reading this post about the costs of avoiding feeling awkward might help you.

Good luck