6 Surprising Facts about Relationships

All of these are findings from highly quality studies by relationships scientists.

Casual Sex

1. 30% of men are less comfortable with casual sex than the average woman.


2. Women break up with men more often than the other way around.

Relationship Communication and Managing Conflict

3. There’s no one relationship communication/conflict management style that’s best for relationships.

Any of these three styles can make for a good relationship:

a. The Good Communication Style – People who express things they’re dissatisfied with, who discuss relationship problems openly and honestly, who frequently consciously think about their relationship, and who actively work it.

b. The Traditional Style – People who avoid conflict, tend to ignore rather than talk about things that annoy them about their partners’ behaviour, and who seldom talk about where their relationship is going.

c. The Volatile Style – Where people bicker a lot about seemingly small issues but get over it quickly.

Choosing a Partner

4. Given the choice, most people would not choose a partner who is a perfect 10/10 in all areas (i.e. great personality, great looks, lots of money). Why? Because people tend to shoot for mates that have a similar “mate value” to their own. If they’re a 7 out of 10, they tend to shoot for someone who is a 7 or 8.

Solving Problems

5. Even in good relationships, 70% of relationship problems never get solved. Most relationship issues are the kind that need to be worked around rather than solved.

Relationship Violence

6. Women commit as many acts of relationship violence as men do.

Although, not surprisingly, men inflict serious harm more often (because of their larger avg. size/physical power).