30 Days of Mindfulness Printable PDF

I have a free 30 Day Project Calendar that you can use for practicing mindfulness.  There are some instructions and tips at the bottom of the calendar itself and also some more in-depth tips below the image.  If you want to print the calendar, you may prefer this printable PDF version.


Full Instructions

Mindfulness is about paying non-judgmental attention to either (A) whatever comes into your awareness or (B) focusing on a specific sense, like sound.

I’ve written slightly more detailed instructions below, than what I could fit into the calendar. If you have physical limitations or injuries, obviously skip anything that isn’t safe for you.

Day by Day Plan

Day 1: Pay attention to the smell and feel of the lotion and the sensations of rubbing it onto your feet. If un-related thoughts enter your mind, gently refocus on the sensations of the foot rub. If judgmental thoughts enter your mind, like “This feels good” gently refocus on the moment – to – moment sensations your experiencing.

Day 2: Same as above but for showering. Pay attention to the sounds of the water and the feel it making contact with your skin.

Day 3: Pay attention to the sensations of your body moving e.g, gravity as you lift your leg. Notice any external awareness that comes into your mind (e.g., sounds you hear) and let these sensory experiences come and go however they do.

Day 4: Pay attention to the sensations in your face as smile.

Day 5: Pay attention to the face of someone smiling at you, and perhaps their body as they smile.

Day 6: Focus on a particular aspect of the song, like the drums, or let different aspects of the song come into and out of your awareness however they do.

Day 7: Like the walking example, but for getting out of bed. Notice your body, how it makes contact with the sheets, floor etc.

Day 8: Notice the sensory experience of taking two bites of food.

Day 9: Notice the sensory experience of taking two sips of a drink. You’ll likely be more mindful as you consume the rest after consciously being mindful for the first two sips.

Day 10: Same as for getting out of bed.

Day 11: Listen to any sounds you hear, it could be the hum of an appliance, the sound of your breath etc. Don’t judge any sound as good or bad. Listen to one sound until another sound comes to the front of your awareness.

Day 12-14: Self-explanatory.

Day 15: Concentrate on the sensations of breathing out slowly. Allow your breath in to take care of itself and pay attention to those sensations.

Day 16-18: Self-explanatory.

Day 19: Notice when you have any self-critical thought. Give yourself some compassion for the fact you’re experiencing self-criticism and allow that self-critical thought to pass through your awareness in it’s own time.

Day 20: Pay attention to the sensations of exertion and your body working.

Day 21: Notice how any pleasant emotion (e.g., joy) feels in your physical body, perhaps including your face, shoulders etc.

Day 22: Same for any unpleasant emotion. Gently soften your body anywhere you notice tightening in response to an unpleasant emotion.

Day 23: Slowly roll your neck clockwise, then counterclockwise a few times. Close your eyes. Pay attention to the sensations.

Day 24: Self-explanatory.

Day 25: Sit outside and let anything come into your awareness however it does, whether that’s sounds or physical sensations. Let whatever it is come into your awareness until it is replaced by something else.

Day 26-30: Self explanatory.

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