Positive psychology is the science of positive thoughts, experiences and emotions. Positive Psychology can help you feel happy, be healthier and more successful, and have better relationships.

There are currently six positive psychology projects to choose from. All have a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

1. Boost Happiness and Relieve Stress – $9.99 USD

Techniques from Positive Psychology for you to try and see what you like best. Consists of 15 daily emails each with a small activity. Learn more about the Positive Psychology Project.

2. Humor Boost! – $9.99 USD Boost your experience of humor and fun. Learn more about Humor Boost!

3. 30 Ideas for Simple 30 Day ProjectsBuy now for 4.99 USD (You’ll be taken to a 2Checkout page to process the payment. You will be shown the amount in your own currency and can pay in your own currency *most major currencies.)

4. Enhance Your Relationship in 30 Seconds a Day – $9.99 USD Fun, extremely low time commitment love game for couples. Learn more about Enhance Your Relationship in 30 Seconds a Day

5. 100 Fun Things to Do if You’re Bored or Depressed – $4.99 USD

PDF of 100 Fun Things to Do. Introvert friendly and most are free or inexpensive. More Info & Purchase

6. Feel Better About Yourself – $9.99 USD

9.99. 10 Days. More Info.